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Study of a Competitor
Study of a Competitor


Our client had concerns about strengthening his position over a foreign longer established competitor, with a strong background on the chinese market.


The objective was twofold:

  • Help the client to better understand the competitor’s business model.
  • Identify leverages that may influence market share growth.


  • Extensive research allowed us to understand the full background of the competitor in China and analyse his key success factors on the local market.
    We identified all company’s partnerships and all projects’ stakeholders.
    As a second step, the institutional approach brings a good understanding of the competitor’s relationships and powerful supports, at both institutional and industrial levels.
  • Once this work was completed, we identified other « key entry doors », that could be exploited by the client. Besides, we outlined the best institutional environment, kept away from the competitor and his mains partners.
  • Last, we put forward a development plan in several stages.


Despite his recent market entry in China, our client was able to define a specific development route, in an healthy business environment, uncontrolled by the competitor.