Sophie MARC decided to set up Euro China Capital in 2004, with the objective of addressing a single opportunity and a single challenge: the quantum potential of the Chinese market, coupled with the utmost difficulties in maneuvering its specific aspects, notably the strategic, financial, legal and cultural ones.

By then, she had already been successful in Asia as a corporate CFO, in the US as a Duke MBA student and JPMorgan banker, and in Europe as an INSEAD student and Alstom VP of Finance. So, she needed to gather around her a steadfast and complementary team of colleagues and business partners to satisfy demanding clients with high stakes.

The development of Euro China Capital focused on tackling the increasing level of complexity met by our clients in China. We dealt with issues including market-entry decisions, internal growth, partnership re-negotiation, acquisitions of competitors, business intelligence or top-level institutional relationships. We prioritised the utmost quality of our solutions provided to our clients, in terms of depth and reliability of strategic analysis, and creativity of proposals, as well as pragmatism for their implementation. Over and over, Client after client.

After having served over 100 clients, Euro China Capital began in 2017 to invest in booming companies across diversified sectors encompassing energy optimization systems, food & wine, and cosmetics & well-being. Euro China Capital has become an investment holding company.

Sophie is passionate about corporate strategy and transforming organizational culture for financial value. After publishing a series of books on Chinese M&A and Chinese industrial policy, Sophie wrote another one on gender as a major social paradigm, and conducted extensive research on “how can DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) unleash tangible value for all stakeholders?”.

During her leisure time, she is an enthusiastic offshore sailor, oenophilist and mountain trekker.