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Private and Institutional Lobbying
Private and Institutional Lobbying


Introduce a high tech vaccine on a monopolistic market controlled by a Chinese Institut.


Allow our Client to introduce a high quality vaccine on a Chinese regulated market. The primary difficulty concerned the domestic vaccine monopoly, developed and commercialized by a leading Chinese Institut.


Understanding, with the highest institutional Authorities, of the marketing potential options and identification of the red lines not to cross.
Implementation of the defined operations: get in touch with a Chinese competing Institut in order to become co-developer of our Client’s vaccine, sponsorship of the operation by a leading Chinese medical expert, signature of a scientific protocole for the vaccine importation into China.
Perpetuation of the results, strengthening and increasing institutional visibility to both French and Chinese Institutions: participation of our Client in the French Presidential Delegation to China, signature of the agreement in the presence of three Ministers and the People’s Republic of China Ambassador to France.


In six months, our intervention allowed our Client to become the main challenger of a monopolistic market.
Besides, our Client strengthened his institutional position towards Chinese Authorities.