The Chinese environment induces risks of fraud, image and investment as numerous international companies experienced it. These risks apply in particular to intellectual property, human resources, legal enforcement and business environment stability.


EURO CHINA CONTROL helps you to set up a strong and relevant governance model, in line with local efficiency and Western standards. We participate to JV’s board of Directors in order to shed light on your partner’s business culture, protect your interests and anticipate potential conflicts.

Securing a JV requires to keep a number of cultural risks and regulatory constraints under control:

  • Difference of maturity levels as regard to intellectual property, salaries, investments, technology, local practices and global standards, etc
  • Oscillation between convergence and divergence of interests, time-pressure from shareholders, loyalty and opportunism


We provide advisory services specifically developed to tackle the Chinese business environment, which encompasses:

  • Sets of internal control procedures
  • Security of data and communications
  • Retention of personnel
  • Background checks
  • Conflict of interests
  • Other ad hoc services