Understand: Comprehensive Marketing Analysis

Whether you want to penetrate the Chinese market or re-position your company, we provide tailored services relative to:

  • Market size (prices and volume) and dynamics
  • Foreign and domestic competition landscape
  • Implicit and explicit entry barriers : understand government policies and regulations
  • Channels to market
  • Main drivers and differentiating offer, etc.

Our rigorous methodology applies through:

  • Quantitative research, rendered consistent, from multiple sources
  • Qualitative “on the ground” investigations, and
  • High-level interactions with market prescribers

EURO CHINA CAPITAL provides you with a reliable and comprehensive status report that will support your strategic decision.

Act: Implement your Development Strategy

Beyond the simplistic considerations between a WFOE (i.e. 100% owned subsidiary) that guaranties a controlling advantage and a joint venture with a local company that may provide easier market access, we integrate comprehensive parameters, key to your development strategy. Among others:

  • In-depth knowledge of the business partner’s shareholders, network and objectives, nuisance capabilities, etc.
  • Financial consideration such as thin-capitalisation rules, working capital financing, profit remittance, exit strategies
  • Legal & tax coordination, for instance relative to transfer pricing, offshore shareholders’ agreement, dispute resolution
  • Operational constraints such as the choice of the industrial zone, availability and cost of trained personnel, localization of suppliers & customers, etc.

Through the multiple parameters’ analysis, we can determine together your best strategic option.